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Sunny Bunnies Sing-Along.

Key Facts

Pilot episodes: 6 x 2.5’
Season 1: 26 x 2.5’
Genre: music/rhymes for kids, comedy animation
Target audience: core 2-6 / all family co-viewing
Format: CGI HD
Produced by: Animation Café


The Sunny Bunnies are five fluffy balls named Turbo, Big Boo, Shiny, Iris and Hopper who can appear anywhere there is light. The Bunnies always bring joy and happiness, beaming down to explore new and exciting locations, finding fun and mischievous games to enjoy. 

Fast-paced, funny and colourful, these five friends (including two sisters) all have distinct characteristics which children can easily recognise and grow to love.  Sunny Bunnies are all about having fun, friendship, discovery, working together and of course, having a good giggle!