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Flying Animals.

Key Facts

Title: Flying Animals
Episodes: 44 x 6:30’ (18 X 6:30’ dubbed into English) 
Genre: quirky comedy about the world of animals from all over the world living in the imaginary Light Country
Charity: Non-for-profit project, supporting AdVita Fund USA children’s charity 
Target audience: 3-7 / sibling co-viewing / bridge show 
Produced by: Animation Studio “Da” 
Format: 2D  


Flying Animals is an adventure series about life in Light Country, a large rock that flies in the sky around the world. We meet a group of very familiar animals, who have all arrived from various parts of the world, but with one interesting difference to the animals we know – they all have wings!  They have the gift of flying but only when they are happy because they’ve been brave enough to all change their lives for the better.  They have another gift, each of the flying animals is also a musician.  All these friendly characters have the shared language of music and kindness, they love to learn, to travel and to have adventures. The finale of each episode features an original song.