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Flying Animals.

This series is about the life of the Light Country, which sits on a large rock that flies in the sky around the world. The inhabitants of this country, both the people and the animals, have wings because they’ve been brave enough to change their lives for the better. But they can fly only when they are truly happy. What makes us happy and gives us wings?

Each of the flying animals is a musician. Each of them came to the Light Country from different parts of the world, but they have a common language – music, kindness, and a calm approach to life. Every episode ends with a unique song.

Flying Animals is a unique animation media brand which donates towards children’s charities. “Helping is Easy” is at the heart of this project and all distribution proceeds support the following charities:

Hope for Children

Key Facts

Genre: All family fantasy comedy
Produced by: Da Animation Studio
Episodes: 44 x 6:30
Format: 2D
Target: Kids 5-7 (core)