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Hope for Children The Big Give 2022 results

July 2023

Media I.M. were proud to participate in Hope for Children Big 2022 Give that offered kids a safe place to study and flourish. With Media I.M. help, Hope for Children raised £10,007 that enabled to build an extra classroom for 76 pupils previously being taught together in one classroom at a primary school in rural Kenya!

In addition, HFC were able to fund a second classroom which has been constructed in the memory of their founder, Dr Bob Parsons, OBE and provide new desks, with storage for each child (which they call ‘lockers’ as they have storage space) and new chairs. The pupils are children from the poorest families, particularly those who are affected by the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, in the Ahero area of Kisumu County.  Children were getting very little 1:1 attention as they were taught by one teacher per class. 

Overseen by the local partners, CIVS Kenya, the new classrooms were constructed as soon as the funding was received in the New Year and now the children are able to get the quality education in the conducive environment that they need to unlock their full potential and promote their intellectual, physical, and social development. The whole school is benefitting from the additional space as children are spread out more and the Kenyan government have employed extra teachers to fill the new classrooms. The children do not have to carry heavy bags any more and are able to write properly on their new desks. The classrooms were constructed out of stone, making it safer and learning is not disrupted in bad weather conditions as before. These classrooms will not only benefit this year’s students but they are an investment in the education of children for generations to come.

 Media I.M. is committed to continue participle in  Hope for Children future fundraisers and support them on their very noble quest in helping children in need.

If you’d like to learn more about the work this charity is doing, please go to their web-site at Hope for Children (