Rosa and Dara and Their Great Adventures


This is an animated adventure fantasy TV series designed to entertain children and in a playful, engaging way, to offer some explanations about the world around us. Discovery becomes a great adventure itself - and most importantly, parents and children can share stories and information together.

Seven-year-old twins Rosa and Dara, with the help of their amazing Grandma, have to repeatedly save the world from the exploits of their trouble-making dog Laiko. During the course of their adventures, they travel around the world and discover all kinds of interesting things about the world we live in.

All the girls’ adventures start at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. There’s always something happening here and no-one is ever bored - after all, this house has a launch pad for a spaceship hidden in the roof of the house! While fantastic things happen in this world, everything is rooted in reality and has an explanation. It is only the imagination of Rosa and Dora that has no limits.

Key Facts

Genre:  Fantasy adventure, comedy 
Produced by: Bionaut Animation & Kredenc
Episodes: TV special of 1 x 26:00
26 x 11:00 TV series is in development

Format: Mix of 2D and 3D

Target: Kids 6-8 (core), family co-viewing