The idea behind the project is to tell the story about the life of robots who ended up far from human society. The story is based on the premise that all robots, who were sent to Mars as part of various space missions and lost connection with the Earth, ended up making Mars their new home. Over the last few decades many space missions reached Mars, however some lost contact with the space agencies. What happened to them? Robodz!
Spaceship wreckage provided perfect material and tools to make Robodz at home on Mars, enabling them to build their homes and fill their lives with all the supplies and essentials they needed. The Robodz population on Mars grew and prospered, a civilization was built and the story of the Robodz began.
Each episode is a humorous fun-packed story of the everyday life of Robodz on Mars (and even beyond Mars!), touching on subjects of friendship, rivalry, right and wrong, which always leaves the viewers with a smile! Each character in the series is unique, has very individual qualities and different interests. They are far away, made of metal and live in a very un-Earth like hostile environment, however they are not  that dissimilar from us.

Key Facts

Genre:  All family entertainment, animated comedy
Produced by: Studio Atria
Episodes: 7 x 11:00
Format: CGI Animation

Target: Kids 6-12